Sophia’s cake smash

Posted on November 30th, 2019

Sophia’s first birthday cake smash!
Her older brother, Franek, visited me a year ago for his first birthday photoshoot, which you can see here. Even though they’re siblings, they are the most opposite characters :D Little S. loved the cake but hated being photographed, little F. instead loved having his pictures taken but wanted nothing to do with the cake (that’s why we had to put strawberries inside his cake, otherwise he would not touch it). Okay, enough from me and my little journey down the memory lane, enjoy Sophia’s cake smash session!


business headshots

Posted on September 23rd, 2019

Few weeks ago, my good friend asked me to take professional business headshots of her.
Paulina is a second year student of Media and Digital Practice in Portsmouth University, and you
can see all her work here. I’ve never done business shots like that, but I couldn’t say no to her
and an exciting new challenge. Turns out the studio photoshoots aren’t that bad and I had an opportunity
to practice some studio lighting set ups. Here are the fruits of our little cooperation.
Let me know what u think and check out Paulina’s page too!

On the photographs: Paulina.


family portraits

Posted on September 2nd, 2019

Recently I had an opportunity to shoot in my lovely hometown, Szczecin. The family I photographed
are my long-time friends who also visited Poland. Lukasz, Yuliya and Marcin, the stars of today’s post.
Thank you guys so much for the trust and a lovely afternoon!