lavender field

This photoshoot has been on my photographer’s bucket list for a reaaaaaally long time.
It finally happened and I can’t be more happy about it! It came out perfectly and I will definitely
be back on the fields every time there will be open to the public! So much fun and the smell
is just incredible!

On the photographs: Eden and Hannah

Also, this little adventure bug is apparently terrified of bees and… butterflies.
Do I have to say that there were millions of bees and butterflies on the field? Yeah.. it’s been a task
to try and snap a few nice shots of her, because the only place she wanted to be was in my arms :D


We really wanted to try lavender ice cream, but unfortunately they sold out :(
The girls had strawberry and cream ones instead and they were delicious too!

Special thanks to Lordington Farm for opening its doors to the public and making
my little dream come true!

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